Nature is awesome

Inspired by nature, engineered for humans. Our automated systems transform organic waste into energy and valuable products.


Design, Manufacturing and Commissioning. Complete services tailored to our Clients' needs. Give us a call and find out how to meet your sustainability goals in the most efficient way.

Think Smart

Self learning, automated reports, energy optimization, safe operations and remote control. The Bioforcetech technologies come with the industry 4.0+.

Capturing Carbon

“Waste is not waste until we waste it". Learn how to locally transform your organic streams into a valuable resource. #Biochar

Organic Waste

Our vision is simple: instead of trucking "waste" away, we design machines that can autonomously transform organics into value.
In the US alone, over 100M tons of organic waste per year are sent to landfill, incinerated or land applied, creating environmental and health problems. The Bioforcetech’s technology locally transforms organic streams into renewable energy and biochar, delivering this sustainable solution to the most progressive cities in the world.

Waste Today Waste with Bioforcetech

Our solution to Multiple Feedstocks

Biosolids and Food Waste
Biosolids and Food Waste

The Bioforcetech process transforms biosolids into valuable products while reducing volume by 90%. See how it works in the process page.


“Upcycling is the process of transforming waste materials into products of better quality or for better environmental value.” At Bioforcetech we embrace this concept and realize it with our sustainable systems.

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Technology Benefits

The Bioforcetech technology is sustainable, automated and promotes the circular economy. In other words: it's future proof!

90% volume reduction

The Bioforcetech solution potentially removes millions of truck from the roads.

Energy Positive

Bacteria and pyrolysis, reduce thermal energy consumption by up to 100%.

Carbon Sequestration

By producing Biochar, our system helps to slow down climate change.

Bioforcetech Benefits

Reduced and Fixed Cost

Fully automated and energy neutral, the Bioforcetech system eliminates tipping fees.


At Bioforcetech we transform organic waste into high-quality biochar.


Our systems are fully automated for easy, safe and optimized operations.

Products line

Modular machines, unlimited possibilities.
Bioforcetech BioDryer
Bioforcetech Biochar