About Us

Disrupting an industry. Protecting the environment.

Why choose Us

Our team has worked day and night building technologies to manage organic waste in the cleanest possible way. Our multidisciplinary backgrounds, our different points of view and passions, make our team the best in the world in organic waste management and process automation.

Our Mission

Bioforcetech is committed to protecting nature and human health by providing technologies that deliver a zero waste future, transforming organic waste into sustainable products.

What we Do

Bioforcetech is in the business of providing biosolids and organic waste solutions using two efficient and high value processes, the Biodryer and the “P series” Pyrolysis Units. While the equipment can be used independently, the BioDryer and Pyrolysis units are most effective when configured together as an integrated system.

Affordable waste management
Self sustained and green process
Protect human health from harmful disposal practices
Valuable products from waste

The first plant

Watch the aerial footage of our first installation... Nature is Awesome!

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The people behind all this

Our Company is made of passioned and talented individuals who possess diverse skills, which range from biotech, energy and mechanical engineering, to industrial automation and project management. The Bioforcetech Team is a great group of people that will make your Project a big success!

Dario Presezzi

Dario Presezzi

Josh Clark

Valentino Villa

Mary Jane

Stefano Pessina

Nix Maxwell

Matteo Longo

Italian Branch Director
Dario Presezzi

Devin Fabrizi

Plant Operations
Josh Clark

Luca Rovelli

Mechanical Engineering
Mary Jane

Diego Thieme

Design Engineering

Are you passionate about the environment?
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Our Advisors

Big goals require the help of awesome people with extensive experience. Advisors guide our team thru challenging times, and we have the best ones :)

Nix Maxwell

Valerio Presezzi

Dario Presezzi

Mike Tooley

Josh Clark

Ken Lindberg

Mary Jane

Nate Salpeter


Partners and Suppliers

Here is a list of our partners and suppliers that make our projects possible: