Bioforcetech at Formula-E (Roma)!

Bioforcetech alla ABB Formula-E a Roma! Puoi essere tutto ciò che vuoi essere!
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Bioforcetech al GFIA!

Il governo degli "Emirati Arabi Uniti" ha invitato @bioforcetech a presentare i nostri prodotti innovativi al "Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture"! Resta sintonizzato per aggiornamenti. Abbiamo alcune notizie che cambieranno il mondo. #innovation #gfia #biosolids #biochar #greenenergy #startup #siliconvalley #abudhabi


Bioforcetech on NBC!

Bioforcetech is on #NBC! We are becoming famous ;) #NBCBayArea, 'Upcycling' Sewage: Silicon Valley Company Converts Human Waste to Fertilizer Without Using Energy. NBC News Click link below to watch the video.

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We have been working for 2 years with the authorities, and finally we received the permit for our pyrolysis unit. This is an important event in the history of biomass treatment in the USA. This is the first ever permit for a full scale pyrolysis plant that transform biosolids into energy and biochar. We are so proud of our work and we can't wait to start the pyrolysis revolution the United States of America!

Dario Presezzi, CEO

Tomatoes plants test with Nutrieno (Biosolids derived soil amendment)

Amazing what #biochar from #biosolids can do! Left is control, center is 1 pound of biochar, right is 2 pounds.. This is only after 3 weeks! ( no fertilizer used). The experiment has been done with sandy soil, and 1 liter of water every 2 days.

More info of Nutrieno.com

All 6 Biodryers are in place

6 beautiful BioDryers, under the Californian's sun.


"The pyrolysis reactor in the Bioforcetech process is not a SSI unit as that term is defined in the SSI NSPS, because there is no flame in the pyrolysis reactor: and The syn-gas is a gas and is not a solid,semi-solid or liquid... Consequently, the Bioforcetech pyrolysis system is not subject to the requirements in the SSI NSPS"

United States Environmental protection Agency (EPA)

Constructions of the biodryers system has started

Big step for Bioforcetech today... 4 BioDryer are up! #siliconvalley #engineering #sanfrancisco #biosolids #biochar


The Bioforcetech headquarter is complete

"BFT_XB1 Control center" is now completed. The offices are located a few feet away from our plant.


The full scale BioDryer is ready for testing

The BFT dryers is now ready to change the world. Thanks to our amazing team and it's hard work the future of biosolids to energy is here!